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Sacramento Phlebotomy has been in operation since 2019. We have an expert knowledge of the industry. Sacramento Phlebotomy provides both individual and business mobile phlebotomy services.

Sacramento Phlebotomy is a unique service, which has acquired extensive clinical experience unmatched by no other, that provides clinical interventions to businesses, nursing homes, home health agencies, physician offices, and the public.

We eliminate the hassle of commuting to and from various laboratories and specialty offices.

We believe patients should no longer have to spend hours waiting on reference labs to draw their blood. With the safety and convenience of Sacramento Phlebotomy, transportation will not be an issue. We work hard to put time back into the patient’s and practitioner’s hands. With friendly staff and specialists, our service performs work on patients of all ages. The unique aspect of this company is that we are a mobile service who travels around the Greater Sacramento Area!


Sacramento Phlebotomy comes to your location with all the equipment necessary to obtain the requested samples easily and properly. Our experience enables us to adapt to every environment and ensure the integrity of our tests.

Specimens are hand delivered to the nearest lab for processing. For research cases, Sacramento Phlebotomy uses electronic tracking to ensure that your sample is on time and properly identified.

Types of Services:

Who We Service:

We are able to service many facilities and homes where there is more than one patient that needs blood work. For single patient homes, we will set up a time to accommodate the patient at their best convenience. If the most convenient location and time is at home or even during a lunch break, Sacramento Phlebotomy is ready to serve.

Lab Testing

We work with LabCorp Centers, Quest Lab, and others to help people order their own lab tests. This is a great service if you want to pay out of pocket. No insurance is accepted, and their prices are quite good. Just order online (or by phone) and the results go directly to you.

You can visit a LabCorp or Quest patient service center for the blood draw or have one of our mobile phlebotomists come to you!

Benefits Of Our Services

Schedule your appointment or consult with one of our friendly representatives by phone (916) 905-5363.

Prices vary by location and services provided. Please contact for payment options. Sacramento Imaging is glad to accept PayPal and square.

Fill out all paperwork with patient information needed for kit draws and/or lab requisitions and email to Sacramento Phlebotomy along with front and back of insurance card.

Prepare for your blood test, as advised by your doctor (whether you need to fast or drink plenty of water).

After our phlebotomist has arrived in a timely manner and performed your stress-free blood draw, your specimen will be delivered to its designated lab to be processed. All specimens are processed under the protocol required. Results are sent directly to ordering doctor.


Q: What are the days and hours of operations?
A: 4:00AM – 6:00PM {EST} Monday through Friday.

Q: Do you have weekend hours?
A: Stat orders only.

Q: Can I call Sacramento Phlebotomy directly as the patient to place a house call request?
A: ONLY if the patient IS NOT considered home bound and has a prescription from their doctor for lab work and wishes for Sacramento Phlebotomy to come to their location. If the patient IS NOT classified as home bound, Sacramento Phlebotomy will bill the patient directly for the phlebotomy house call.

Q: What is the charge for this service if the patient is billed directly?
A: The fee for a phlebotomy house call {patient bill} starts at $65.00.

Q: Once Sacramento Phlebotomy receives my order for a phlebotomy house call, how soon will I be scheduled?
A: If the order is received before 1:00PM {EST} during normal business hours, the patient is scheduled for the next business day {if requested}. Any orders received after 1:00PM {EST} will be scheduled within 48 hours.

Q: Does Sacramento Phlebotomy perform the testing on specimens?
A: No, Sacramento Imaging Phlebotomy only performs the actual blood draw. Specimens are tested by a licensed and approved laboratory. Results are reported to the ordering physician by the laboratory.

Q: Does Sacramento Phlebotomy provide service to nursing facilities?
A: Yes. We can provide phlebotomy services to nursing facilities and schools for the mentally challenged. Sacramento Imaging Phlebotomy can also accommodate health fairs and company drug screenings.

Q: In which areas does Sacramento Phlebotomy perform these services?
A: We presently service the Sacramento Area, which includes the counties of El Dorado, Placerville, and more.

Q: Why should I choose Sacramento Phlebotomy?
A: Experience. We have many years’ experience in the mobile phlebotomy field.

Please contact us if you have additional questions. Thank you!

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