Infertility Ultrasound

Ultrasound for pelvic abnormalities

An infertility ultrasound is an important first test for any women having trouble conceiving. First, an infertility ultrasound will verify that the uterus and both ovaries are present. Ultrasound does not reliably detect the fallopian tubes. for this evaluation, a hysterosalpingogram is performed. The size, shape and position of the uterus are recorded. Masses within the uterus called fibroids can measured and mapped. The ovaries can also be measured. The size of the ovaries as well as the number of follicles present are an important determinant of a woman’s ovarian reserve.

Ultrasound for monitoring infertility treatments

The most common treatments used for infertility employ the use of fertility medications. These medications stimulate the development of eggs in the ovaries. The eggs grow inside of the follicles. The follicles fill with fluid and enlarge while the egg is developing. The size and number of these developing follicles can be accurately determined with infertility ultrasound. In this way, the physician can determine the appropriate time to either trigger ovulation or perform an IVF egg retrieval.

Infertility ultrasound is also used to monitor the growth and development of the uterine lining. while most of the uterus is composed of muscle, the innermost layer which surround the uterine cavity is made of glandular tissue. Under the influence of hormones produced from the ovaries, the uterine lining will grow and thicken. The thickness of the uterine lining can be measured, and patterns of appearance can be seen.

Ultrasound for monitoring pregnancy

After a pregnancy has been established in a patient with infertility or recurrent miscarriage, it is important to monitor the growth and development of the pregnancy. sometimes, a pregnancy may not be located within the uterus as it should be. This type of pregnancy complication is called an ectopic pregnancy. Other times, the pregnancy may be within the uterus but not viable. A non-viable pregnancy is called a miscarriage.


  • Real time imaging of the bladder, ovaries, uterus, cervix, vagina, and adnexal area.
  • Images documented in sagittal, transverse, and oblique planes in digital format.

CPT code 76830

Examination Time:  Approximately 20 minutes.

Ultrasound Pricing

To help you make the best financial decision about your medical costs, Sacramento Imaging offers a cash pay price in all diagnostic ultrasound scans. The cash pay price is the price you pay in full before a medical procedure.

Note: The cash pay price does not include physician fees; they are additional.*

Paying the medical cost before the time of service can mean significant savings to you. Medical costs can vary for each individual, depending on the type of procedure you have, your insurance benefit coverage and deductible. If you have insurance coverage, and you select a cash pay price, Sacramento Imaging does not bill the insurance for these services.