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Sacramento Imaging provides mobile diagnostic testing in the Northern California area with the latest state-of-the-art portable equipment. Today the company enjoys a loyal clientele among top nursing homes, rehabilitation hospitals and other medical service providers.

We know our success is based upon your satisfaction, and we are ready to work hard to win and maintain your loyalty. Quality care is what distinguishes Sacramento Imaging, we take the time to understand your individual needs and we meet them. Count on us for the best in modern technology, for service that is prompt and reliable and for delivery that is professional, yet personal.


Portable X-Ray's

Fully digital x-rays are performed on the latest state-of-the-art portable Dragon X digital equipment. This means hospital grade images are obtained in the comfort of the patient’s home or room. All exams are instantly viewable on the connected laptop and sent immediately to our Radiologists. Results and images are available online within the hour. Images and a cloud based one-time viewing option are also available to all patients free of charge. All technologists are ARRT licensed as well as licensed through the state of California RT(R). We also Level 2 background screen all technologists to ensure patient peace of mind.


Portable Ultrasounds

We perform all non-invasive modalities of ultrasound including Venous and Arterial Doppler studies, Echocardiograms, Abdominal, Pelvic, Carotid Artery, and Small Parts (Thyroid, Breast, Testicular). All ultrasound techs are ARDMS or CCI credentialed.


Portable Ankle-Brachial Index (ABI)

The ankle-brachial index (ABI) is a simple, non-invasive test comparing blood pressure in your ankle to blood pressure in your arm. This indicates how well blood is flowing in your limbs but does not reveal which blood vessels are narrowed or blocked. Blood pressures are taken at rest and after approximately five minutes of walking on a treadmill. These measurements can determine the effectiveness of treatment or the disease progression of PAD.

sacramento imaging Holter Monitor Testing

Portable EKG's

Sacramento Imaging uses self-interpreting machines that are regularly calibrated for accuracy. EKG tests are performed at the bedside and results are instantly provided upon completion of the study. We also offer cardiologist over-reads by local, independently contracted cardiologists if desired.


Portable Bone Density

With our Achilles Bone Densitometry equipment, we are able to perform non-invasive BD screenings within the comfort of the patient’s room. This examination verifies the “T” score on each patient allowing appropriate treatment for osteopenia or advanced osteoporosis.


Holter Monitor Testing

We provide 24 Hour Holter Monitor Tests using a small, easy to carry recorder that is comfortable enough to fit in your pocket. All Holter monitors are equipped with an “Event” button that allows patients to digitally time stamp any abnormal feelings, arrhythmias, pain, etc leading to precise cardiologist reports. All studies are interpreted by our Board-Certified Cardiologists. Holter Monitor testing must be scheduled in advance.

Pulmonary-Function-Test-sacramento-imaging1 (1)

Pulmonary Function Test (PFT)

Pulmonary function tests (PFTs) or lung function tests is a generic term used to indicate a battery of studies or maneuvers that may be performed using standardized equipment to measure lung function. PFTs can include simple screening spirometry, formal lung volume measurement, diffusing capacity for carbon monoxide, and arterial blood gases. These studies may collectively be referred to as a complete pulmonary function survey.

Sleep Apnea test equipment Nox-T3 Sacramento Imaging

Sleep Apnea Testing

Sacramento Imaging home sleep testing was added to address the needs of patients who need a sleep study to diagnose a possible sleeping disorder or were suspected of having sleep apnea, but were unable to come to the sleep lab for one reason or another. Home sleep testing was the answer to the need.

Our home sleep tests are simple and delivered for convenience. The home sleep testing device is shipped to the patients’ home with easy-to-read instructions, and live telephone support. The patient can follow any of the instructions and simply put the device on and press start. In special needs cases the device can be delivered, and the patient will be given instructions for use. Once the home sleep test is complete, we schedule a pickup for your kit at your door.

We have one of the simplest home sleep study devices on the planet for testing for obstructive sleep apnea. The kit consists of a belt, an oxygen probe that rests on your finger, and a nasal cannula. Once all of these are in place the patient presses the start button before going to bed and the stop button when the patient is ready to wake up for the final time of the night. Testing for obstructive sleep apnea has never been easier!

Radiologist Interpretations

We only work with Board Certified, American based radiologists that focus on quality reads and who understand the unique challenges and requirements of the Skilled Nursing and Long-Term Care industry. Our focus is on quality outcomes for your patients and we employ a strict, daily QA process to bring about that goal.

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